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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Recent Successes for Trigpoint Conservation & Planning Barlestone & Quorn

Acting as the planning agent Trigpoint Conservation & Planning has been successful in securing valuable planning permissions for the conversion of a group of redundant farm buildings to two dwellings on a site near Barlestone and for the erection of three new houses within a residential garden in Quorn.

Approval for Barn Conversion in Barlestone
Following Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s refusal of planning permission for the conversion of a small group of redundant farm buildings to two dwellings our clients approached Trigpoint Conservation & Planning to take the scheme forward.

By developing a new scheme, with plans by Peter Goddard, we were able to make a successful case not only for the conversion of these buildings to form two dwellings, but also with the addition of first floor extensions to provide additional living accommodation, which the planning officer had advised was contrary to the Council’s planning policy.
From the outset it was our view that these buildings were of some local historic interest and that conversion to residential use was the only viable long-term solution.
We also provided a detailed analysis of the buildings to show that the scheme, even with a roof extension to accommodate a first floor, would retain the integrity of the buildings’ agricultural character and appearance. 
It was very pleasing to see that on the strength of our planning case that the planning officer was able to grant planning permission for the proposed development, even commenting that this success was very much attributable to the agents that the applicant had employed.

From our point of view it is very pleasing to see that these historic farm buildings now have a long-term future and our client can now proceed with her plans to develop two family homes.

Approval for 3 New Dwellings in Quorn
Our clients approached us after Charnwood Borough Council had refused planning permission on conservation and highway safety grounds.

It was our view that this was a perfectly acceptable proposal which with some modifications and a more detailed assessment of the impact of the development on the conservation area and adjacent listed church could be granted planning permission by the Council.

By applying a more considered approach to the planning issues, and with a degree of persistence, we were able to demonstrate that the development would secure significant highway benefits by the provision of a turning head at the end of the street without harming the conservation area or the setting of the listed church. 

So by resolving the conflicting objectives of the highways officer and the conservation officer, our clients were rewarded with a valuable planning permission for the development of three new dwellings in the centre of Quorn.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their planning aspirations for their site, you can be confident that we will provide a realistic assessment of the development potential of a site and practical advice on the strategy for dealing with the development proposals, allowing our clients to identify and manage any potential risks and objections and increasing their chances of obtaining a planning approval.